Medical Requirements for Motorsport Licence

MSA Motorsport Medicals To compete in UK motorsport you are required to apply for a competition license appropriate for your level of racing. However, before applying for or renewing a license, the Motor Sport Association UK (MSA) requires all applicants to undergo and pass the relevant race license medical examination.  Who needs an MSA motorsport […]

Basic Safety Critical Medical

Is basic safety-critical medical important?  For people working in a safety-critical environment, maintaining health and ensuring their safety is paramount. A safety-critical medical helps in determining an individual’s fitness for work by ensuring they are not suffering from any medical conditions or undergoing any medical treatment which could impact their health and safety. Safety-critical jobs […]

Parachute Medicals

Is it important to get a parachute medical for skydiving activity? Do you have plans of jumping out of a plane? Whilst skydiving is an exceptionally popular extreme sport, it comes with its out risks and dangers. Whether you are a tandem skydiver or solo skydiver, assessing your medical fitness before performing the extreme sport […]

Immigration Medicals

hearing impairment

Is immigration medical mandatory before I fly? Are you intending to visit a foreign country? Are you in the process of visa approval? All things considered, you have more to do. You have to make sure you meet certain medical prerequisites to be eligible to fly. We, at Barnetby Private medicals, provide visa/immigration medicals for […]

Forklift Drivers Medical

Do forklift drivers need to undergo medical in the UK?  A forklift driver is accountable for transportation, conveying, loading, and unloading of goods from distribution centres or warehouses to the construction sites.  Lift trucks are commonly used in industries or warehouses for transporting goods, However, these heavy vehicles also feature prominent accidents which could not […]

COVID-19 Update for North Lincolnshire

COVID-19 Update ABOUT COVID-19 UPDATE In order to reduce the risk of the spreading of viruses such as COVID-19, and any other coronavirus’ Barnetby Medical Centre in Brigg, North Lincolnshire is now operating a full telephone service to all patients. Please DO NOT attend the GP Surgery unless you have spoken to a member of staff on […]