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To compete in UK motorsport you are required to apply for a competition license appropriate for your level of racing. However, before applying for or renewing a license, the Motor Sport Association UK (MSA) requires all applicants to undergo and pass the relevant race license medical examination. 

Who needs an MSA motorsport medical examination?

Applying for National Licenses

Drivers who are applying for their first national license are required to pass an MSA medical examination by a doctor. Following this, drivers can complete a medical self-declaration of health until the age of 45. At this point, the driver must undergo annual race licence medical examinations.

Applying for FIA International Licenses

Much like drivers applying for a national licence, first time applicants are required to pass an MSA medical examination. However, the FIA states that all drivers must undergo a medical examination each year regardless of age.

As well as this, drivers require additional HGV tests every two years. Those under the age of 45 with international licences must have resting HGV tests, whereas those older than 45 require stress HGV tests.

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What is included in an MSA motorsport medical?

  • An eye test: distance vision and colour perception.
  • Cardiovascular health assessment: heart rate, HGV, blood pressure.
  • Urine sample: test for diabetes as well as other abnormalities.
  • Review of medications: some medications are prohibited under Anti-Doping laws. However, you can apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption Certificate (TUE) if you need to take certain substances for health reasons and we will discuss your prescription details with you.

Our medicals will take between 1-2 hours to complete – this depends on the competition license you are applying for and the requirements of your specific medical. Following a successful assessment, our doctor will sign your medical form stating your results and that you are fit to compete.

What should I bring to my motorsport medical?

Some of key items you will need to bring to your medical include Photo ID, the appropriate paperwork and details of the GP and doctor registered with. Additionally, click here to view a list of other patient information you may be required to bring depending on your specific medical.

It is advised that you wear comfortable clothing for your medical.

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