Pre-Employment Medical

Is it a necessity to get pre-employment medical?

A Pre-employment medical examination, also called pre-placement tests is carried out to evaluate an individual’s medical condition to look for risk factors that might restrict them from excelling at the workplace and delivering efficient performance. 

This pre-employment medical testing is an assurance that the employee or his colleagues are not at any kind of risk. The pre-employment medical test also ensures a safe working environment for all the existing employees and secures the workplace with fewer injuries.

Why should I take a pre-employment medical screening test?

It is the responsibility of every employer to be aware of any risks that the employee might carry and take care of the same to avoid any risk to colleagues that could affect the efficiency and productivity at the workplace. 

Especially, it is mandatory in certain industries to ensure their employees meet the national health standard based on the type of industry the employee is employed in. 

The test reports are accurate and tests are carried out by a well-experienced team. The range of pre-employment medical tests varies based on the requirement to fulfill the needs of the employer and the test reports will be available within 24 hours. If the tests carried out are strenuous or if there is any delay with the reports, you will be informed beforehand regarding the same.

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What happens if I have had any illness or injury in the past?

The GP will assess the injury caused to you in the past and examine the same to find out associated risks, if any, which could affect your ability to work. 

 If the doctor does find any risk, it will be mentioned in your test reports and necessary treatments will be facilitated based on your employer’s approval.

It goes without saying that you need to be honest about your previous medical history with the doctor and answer all the questions asked.

 It is your responsibility to make sure that you are at any risk or put your fellow workmates at risk which your doctor or employer does not know about. 

What are the tests included in pre-employment medical?

The pre-employment medical screening comes in different standard packages and the tests can also be customised as per the need of the employee or the employer. 

Basic pre-employment test includes:
  • Physical medical assessment 
  • Blood pressure (BP) and pulse check
  • Perform Urine drug screening analysis
Additional pre-employment test includes:
  • Hearing test/auditory test 
  • Vision/eyesight test 
  • Breathing test
  • HGV

Most organizations would have a company policy that covers partial or full pre-employment medical test fees. It is advisable to check with the employer. The prices vary based on the medical tests conducted. 


What can I expect during the medical assessment?

Your medical tests are dependent on the job profile and other demands of the organisation. Be it any case, you will be required to fill out the pre employment medical form that questions related to your health and undergo a physical examination to ensure you are physically fit.

Do I have to take alcohol and drug tests?

Alcohol and drug could both impair your physical and psychological health performance, communication of messages in your brain, emotions, movement, and other senses.

To assess your physical and mental performance, some organisations do ask for an alcohol test and a drug test.

The test includes urine analysis for screening alcohol or any illegal drugs such as opium, amphetamines, cannabis, methamphetamines, or sleeping tablets. Based on the consumption, the drug or alcohol level can be screened in the urine. 

However, if you are under medication while you undergo the medical screening test, you are required to mention the same in the health evaluation form. If you fail to mention it, it could invalidate your medical screening.

The urine sample will be collected while maintaining the privacy of the candidate and the reports will be provided within 24 hours of the test.

What are the other things to consider for my medical screening?

  • Medical screening time varies from person to person based on the specifics of the examination. Generally, it could take up to 1-2 hours.
  • You might be asked to change into a hospital gown provided to you during the test based on the kind of test you undergo. 
  • If you undergo a hearing or auditory test, it is advised to avoid any exposure to loud noise prior to the medical test which may interfere with the test results. 
  • If you undergo a lung function test, it is advised to avoid smoking few hours before the test.
  • If you undergo a vision test, it is advisable to not wear contact lenses 24 hours before your test.

What documents do I carry for the medical test? 

  • Photo identity proof e.g. driving license 
  • Glasses or contact lenses (if applicable) 
  • Hearing aid (if applicable) 
  • Records of any pre-existing medical conditions 

Can I get a copy of my medical screening test?

The medical test reports are highly confidential and the collection of personal details is restricted. It is important to let the medical centre know how you would want to receive the test results and also mention whether the tests are conducted as a part of a pre-employment medical screening test or a personal health check-up.

Do I have to wear anything specific for my medical test appointment?

No. You do not have to follow any particular dress code for the medical examination. However, based on the kind of tests you undergo, you might have to change into a hospital gown if needed for a thorough medical screening. 

 It is advisable to wear comfortable and loose-fitted clothing during your medical assessment despite the kind of screening you undergo. 

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