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Taxi Driver Medical Hull


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Taxi Driver Medical

If you are about to apply for your first taxi driver license, there are a few important things you need to understand about the driver medical.

A Taxi Driver Medical examination is a legal requirement for anyone looking to drive vehicles open to the public. Taxi drivers must have passed an examination with a registered doctor.

The medical requirements for taxi drivers are usually the same as those for anyone holding a DVLA Class 2 driving license. However, in order to obtain a taxi license, you will have to prove that you meet these requirements. You will be required to have a medical performed by a doctor who can then confirm that you are fit to drive. However, the requirements for taxi driver licenses can vary depending on the local authority that is issuing them. Some areas require additional tests or standards. You will need to check the requirements from them when you apply for your license. Your local authority will provide a medical form for your doctor to complete.

Why do I need a Taxi Driver Medical?

A taxi driver medical is a medical assessment that every taxi or private-hire driver must complete before being granted their licence. The tests are done to ensure that drivers are well and safe enough to drive a private hire vehicle and maintain the safety of the public on the road.

The main heart conditions that are associated with drivers are heart disease and heart failure . Driving doesn’t require much physical activity so taxi drivers are a high risk group. Symptoms of heart disease or heart attacks include dizziness, faintness, and black-outs – all of which could cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle, putting them, the passenger and onlookers in danger. 

In order to reduce the risk, this medical test is designed to monitor the cardiac health of drivers and therefore a doctor can tell you if you’re healthy enough to drive a taxi or not. A fitness certificate is given by the doctor to confirm this.

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What happens during the Medical Test?

The doctor will normally take a sample of urine to check for diabetes and infection. If it shows as positive for diabetes, then further tests will be needed.

The doctor will also do the following:

  • Check blood pressure and pulse
  • Listen to the heart 
  • Check the driver’s movement 
  • Test hearing and vision 


If the driver has previous medical history or suffered from a previous medical condition related to the heart then there may be additional assessments. 

How often do you need a Taxi Medical?

The local authority that issues your taxi license will also decide how often drivers are required to have a health check. You may need to have more frequent taxi driver medicals as you grow older or if you are diagnosed with certain medical conditions. You might be required to have a medical every year if you are considered at high risk. 

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