Patient Info

Booking Your Medical On Arrival

Please ring  us on 07947 599901 or e-mail us on

It would be useful if were to let us know what the medical is for. You will need to obtain any necessary paperwork that you need, except for the D4 for the DVLA.

There are some useful links on a separate page of this website from where you can download certain forms.

In the case of a DVLA D4 form, we have computerised this form so do not need it. As this form is valid for 4 months, you can ring and make an appointment up to 4 months prior to the expiry of your licence. When the DVLA renewal pack arrives, just substitute our D4 form for theirs and you can immediately send everything off.

We do not carry medical forms as there are so many types. Please ask  for futher advice.

If any blood tests are required we may have to call you back with more precise details and costs. So please have a contact name and telephone number ready.

Check List Of What To Bring